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Quark lighting offers a variety of Led drivers and Switch Power Supplies for general Led lighting(including Led T8/T5 tube light, Led bulb, Led spot light, Led panel light, Led down light, Led ceiling light , etc):

  • General EMC compliant LED driver
  • Super slim EMC compliant LED driver
  • Triac dimmable LED driver
  • Intelligent dimmable LED driver
  • Isolated high PF LED driver
More Led Drivers and Power Spply

Why Choose QUARK lighting

As a LED Lighting expert, we focus on designing, manufacturing & exporting LED indoor lighting products &LED driver

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As a professional Led lighting manufacturer, Quark Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd aims to offer high quality LED indoor lighting products and commercial lights. Our Main products includs LED Bulbs, Led Filament bulbs,Led Panel lights,Led Linear lights etc.

In the past years, we are becoming a more and more reliable factory with ISO CERTIFICATION. Meanwhile, our powerful supply chain allows us to supply a better price LED lights with high quality.CE, UL, KC Certified products are available here.

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