Quark Optoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

A Professional Chinese Led Lighting Manufacturer and Exporter

Located in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province, we focus on designing, manufacturing, and exporting the LED lighting products from LED LIGHTING POWER SUPPLY&DRIVER to LED INDOOR &COMMERCIAL LIGHTING.

Newly founded but experienced, QUARK owns a wonderful team for LED lighting products from LED driver to the LED lighting fixture. As a professional Chinese LED lighting fixture manufacturer, we supply a wild array of high quality LED household lighting and commercial lighting products such as LED BULBS, LED FILAMENT LIGHTS, LED BATHROOM LIGHT, LED PANEL LIGHTS, LED LINEAR LIGHTS ETC. Our professional team offers also the special customized LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS, OEM AND ODM service as per your request.

In the past years, we are becoming a more and more reliable factory with ISO CERTIFICATION. Meanwhile, our powerful supply chain allows us to supply a better price LED lights with high quality. Sourcing from QUARK brings you not only the best quality LED product but also the best service for professional technical support and technology innovation.

timeline of quark lighting

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