December 2019

Useful guides to know the structure of Led Panel Light

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As a Led Panel light manufacturer in China, Quark Lighting always aims to offer a kind of high-quality Led Panel light, which emits even and bright light, has modern appearance, high efficiency and also is energy-saving. From the beginning of development, there are two types of Panel lights based on the shining method: Edge-lit Panel light and Back-lit Panel light. The difference between edge-lit and back-lit lies in the position of LEDs and the usage [...]

November 2019

How to install Led Flat Panel Light

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Led Panel Light is getting more and more popular in the indoor lighting market. After decades’ development, more and more fashionable Panel lights with simple installation come to the market. After purchasing the suitable Led Panel Light, you’ll think about the best installation choice for the home or office. Please notice the type of Panel Light before installing. Normally the installation type is marked on the package by the manufacturer. Quark lighting would like to [...]

October 2019

How to choose qualified Led driver

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How to choose qualified Led drivers for the Led light project When people buy a Led bulb or other Led lights in the market, the main concern of the bought is the quality. All Led light manufacturers claim always to focus on products’ quality in order to win the local market. But the fact is that Led lights’ quality varies from one brand to another. For the end consumers, they want to know what [...]

April 2019

Understanding the lifespan of Led lighting

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Understanding the lifespan of Led lighting Led lighting is a good choice to different types of light sources, e.g. incandescent light, HID and CFLs. They present more lasting, energy-efficient, economic, eco-friendly comparing to others. Although Led lights are costly, their free-maintenance and long lifespan help you to save more money and energy. But do you have a clear idea about the real lifespan of Led lights you ordered? Let’s take a moment to read [...]

March 2019

Led lighting housings materials analyze

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Led lighting housings materials analyze When we buy an Led light in the market, it is always the Led lights housing(appearance) that we notice first. A beautiful and elegant Led lighting housing attracts great attention of clients, however, the housing plays an important role not just in appearance designing of Led lighting but also in other technical parameters such as light transmission rate, heat sinks etc. 1.The functions of Led lighting housings: Research data [...]


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LED LIGHTING BULB BASE AND SHAPE The modern lighting industry has been developed dramatically since the first lighting bulb’s invention. Technicians and designers in the lighting industry create more and more lighting products in the market. As a very important light source, Led lighting bulbs are popular always in home lighting or even commercial lighting. For common consumers, it’s very confusing to know and select a suitable Led lighting bulb from various shapes and [...]

January 2019

The CRI of Led lighting products

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The CRI of Led lighting products WHAT IS CRI OF LEDS   When you choose a LED lighting bulb in the supermarket, do you consider the CRI rating before buying it? Maybe some people will ask what’s the CRI? CRI is the abbreviation of COLOR RENDERING INDEX. According to WIKIPEDIA, CRI is a quantitative measure of a light's ability to reproduce the colors of objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light [...]

Understanding the beam angle of Led lighting products

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Understanding the beam angle of Led lighting products To choose qualified and suitable LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS, you should have some understandings of the beam angle. What is the beam angle of light The beam angle means the angle of lights and lets you know how much area it will illuminate at a given distance. According to the uniform formula developed by the lighting industry over decades, the beam angle is measured to where the light [...]

December 2018

How to choose the LED FILAMENT BULBS

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Comparing to traditional incandescent lamps, LED bulbs are obviously energy-efficient and eco-friendly. More and more advantages of LED bulbs have been mentioned and certified after wild applications in the decade. Now technicians are focusing on some specific LED applications, for example how to larger the beam angle of LED chips. In the past, we can have LED bulbs with beam angle 120° or even 180°, but it’s very difficult to have a larger beam angle. [...]

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