Comparing to traditional incandescent lamps, LED bulbs are obviously energy-efficient and eco-friendly. More and more advantages of LED bulbs have been mentioned and certified after wild applications in the decade. Now technicians are focusing on some specific LED applications, for example how to larger the beam angle of LED chips. In the past, we can have LED bulbs with beam angle 120° or even 180°, but it’s very difficult to have a larger beam angle.

Traditional lamps diffuse lights to all directions, that means a 360° beam angle. If Led bulbs can emit a 360° light to all directions, that’s super cool. So Led filament bulb is an extremely excellent solution for replacing traditional lamps.

Led filament bulbs use the LED FILAMENTS 360° instead of LED BEADS as the light source, that’s why filament bulbs emit 360° all directional lights. The LED filaments are a packaging of LED CHIPS that are connected by the gold wires for electric conduction on the rectangle substrate. Phosphor covering will be made on the surface of LED FILAMENTS to get a perfect LED filaments emitting 360° lights.

led filament package process

The composition of LED FILAMENT BULBS:


Led Filaments material comparison:

Various materials for filament substrate: the sapphire substrate, ceramic substrate, metal substrate or glass substrate

Some comparisons for filament substrate materials:

Comparison sapphire ceramic metal glass
Price Expensive Less expensive Cheaper Cheapest
Lumen flux Excellent Ordinary Worst Ordinary
Heat dissipation Good Good Very good Ordinary

We can see the excellent quality of sapphire substrate in all aspects from the above comparison. That’s why we use the sapphire substrate to produce all QK LED filament bulbs.

The conductive wire of led filaments can be pure gold wire, alloy wire or even metal wire. Some cheap LED filament bulbs use the alloy wire or metal wire, we use the excellent pure gold wire.

Led Driver:

As the power supply of LED BULBS, Led driver is very important. QK lighting designs always proper IC DRIVERS for LED FILAMENT BULBS. The IC driver can work in the universal voltage range from AC85V to 264V without flickering for eye protection.

Lamp base:

Quark lighting offers various lamp base for option: E14 E27 or B22 etc.

Lamp shape:

Led filament bulbs exists a wide array of bulb shapes: A shape, global shape, ST series, T shape, Candelabra shapes etc. Quark lighting offers nearly almost all shapes.