Led Panel Light is getting more and more popular in the indoor lighting market. After decades’ development, more and more fashionable Panel lights with simple installation come to the market. After purchasing the suitable Led Panel Light, you’ll think about the best installation choice for the home or office. Please notice the type of Panel Light before installing. Normally the installation type is marked on the package by the manufacturer. Quark lighting would like to share some important information about the installation:

Recessed installation

That’s an ordinary way to install Panel Light for the area where there is an integrated ceiling such as Office, Toilet, Shopping mall, etc. If the interior ceiling is original or doesn’t get an integrated ceiling decoration, all you need to do is just open a hole in suitable size. This easy installation makes you get a clean and simple interior decoration style. Here’s the installation tips:

  1. Remove the gypsum ceiling board
  2. Wire the Panel light
  3. Put the Panel light to the right place of ceiling board
  4. Adjust and fix the Panel light
Led Panel light recessed installation

Pendant installation

As a fashionable and impressive installation, pendant installation of Panel Light enriches the interior design style. People in pursuit of individual and special interior design will choose the pendant way. In summary, pendant installation will use the steel cables to hang and fix light.

  1. Install all the accessories to the Panel Light
  2. Install the hanging fixed blocks on ceiling
  3. Set up hanging fitting and steel cable
  4. Adjust the cables to suitable height
Led Flat Panel pendant installation

Surface-mounted Installation

If you don’t want to open a big hole to hurt the intact ceiling, the surface mounted installation can be a choice. This installation method is similar to the recessed installation, except that the outer frame of the Panel Light is embedded outside the ceiling (protruding the ceiling plane). However, Led Panel light with narrow frame is a trend in the market. The traditional surface mounted Panel light has a thick frame, now we launch narrow frame Flat Panel light for surface mounted version. A cross shaped holder will be installed on the back of Panel light.

Led Flat Panel Surface mounted installation