Project Description

Human sensor Led driver PIR induction 7-15W for LED general lighting applications

Item number:QK-HPI0715-PIR


  1. High Power Factor (>0.9)
  2. Isolated design to avoid safety problem
  3. International wild voltage support: AC90-265V
  4. CE/CB/KC/UL standard driver
  5. various applications: LED PANEL LIGHT/LED CEILING LIGHT/LED TUBE LIGHT/LED PURIFICATION FIXTURE or other general lighting
  6. IR induction mode:0 to 100% full light
  7. IR detection: catch body moving precisely
  8. Start fast and stable working
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The human sensor Led driver controls light automatically. Unlike the radar sensor Led driver, body induction Led driver adopts passive infrared sensor to detect human body movement. When people enter the detection area, the light turns on. After people leave, the light turns off in 20 seconds. Quark lighting offers the induction mode from 0 to 100% full light now, but the induction mode 10% or 20% low light to 100% full light can be an option for your project.

human sensor led driver working

Parameters and details

Item bumberQK-HPI0715-PIR
Power (wattage)7-15W
Input Voltage (Vac)90-264V
Output Voltage (Vdc)36-80V
Output Current (mA)150-220
Power Factor>0.9
L*W*H (mm)111*38*32


  • Car parking lot
  • School
  • Library
  • Supermarket
  • Tunnel
  • Hotel