Project Description

Radar sensor Led driver dimmable 18W for LED general lighting applications

Item number:QK-HPI18W-RADAR


  1. High Power Factor (>0.9)
  2. Isolated design to avoid safety problem
  3. International wild voltage support: AC90-265V
  4. CE/CB standard driver
  5. Slim PCB design for various applications: LED PANEL LIGHT/LED TUBE/T5/T8 or other general lighting
  6. Induction mode:0 to 100% full light
  7. Start fast and stable working
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Overview of radar induction Led driver

QK-HPI18W-RADAR is a dimmable led driver realized by the radar sensor. As an intelligent dimmable Led driver, this radar induction led driver covers a maximum induction distance of 8 meters. The light turns on immediately when the movement has been inducted and turns off after the disappearance of movement in order to save more energy and electricity. Quark lighting offers a stable dimmable led driver to the market for Led Panel light, LED TUBE LIGHT ETC.

Parameters and details

radar sensor dimmable led driver
Item bumberQK-HPI18W-RADAR
Power (wattage)18W
Input Voltage (Vac)90-264V
Output Voltage (Vdc)36-80V
Output Current (mA)210-230
Power Factor>0.9
L*W*H (mm)147*17*10


  • Car parking lot
  • School
  • Library
  • Supermarket
  • Tunnel
  • Hotel