Project Description

Triac dimming driver 10-18w for LED bulbs, LED TUBE/T5/T8 ETC

Item number:QK-SCD1018


  1. High Power Factor (>0.9)
  2. NON-isolated design
  3. AC110V/220V etc
  4. CE/CB standard driver
  5. Various applications for Led general lights
  6. TRIAC dimming type
  7. Capacitor:  8000 hours AISHI or other high-quality capacitors
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QK-SCD1018 is a Triac dimmable led driver.  As a wildly used dimming method, TRIAC dimming is high efficiency and energy-saving. Quark lighting designs this dimmable driver for general Led lights. Customized size or driver circuit design is available.

Parameters and details

Item bumberQK-SCD1018
Power (wattage)10-18W
Input Voltage (Vac)110/220V
Output Voltage (Vdc)36-76
Output Current (mA)190-210
Power Factor>0.9
L*W*H (mm)43*27*15

Environment requirement:

Working temperature: -40°C TO +75°C

Storage temperature: -25°C TO +70°C

Working humidity: 35~85%   RH.(noncondensing situation)

Storage humidity: 5~95%   RH. (noncondensing situation)


  • Led bulbs
  • Led tubes
  • Led purification fixture
  • Led panel light