TRI-PROOF(Waterproof, Dustproof, and Mosquito-proof) LED CEILING LIGHT

Designed for modern home decoration,QUARK LIGHTING offers a wide array of tri-proof(waterproof, dustproof and mosquito-proof) LED ceiling lights.All the tri-proof lights can be installed easily on the ceiling or wall. The QK-TRIP series own an elegant surface design and high performance LED lights effect(CRI>80, High lumens output, and long lifespan up to 30000 hrs).CCT changeable and dimmable lights are optional also, so a relaxed ambiance or bright functional lighting can be created by QK-TRIP series products as per your demand.QK-TRIP series are available in round, oval or rectangular shapes. These bulkhead lights are specially designed for wet locations such as bathroom, corridor or toilet, etc or even outdoor applications.