The electric light bulb is so important to human being since the first moment of light bulb invention. From 1879 to now, the human being is always focusing on making progress in inventing all kinds of beautiful and functional lights to meet various requirements and applications all over the world. Quark lighting team are curious, we concentrate on producing more energy-efficient LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS and also pay attention to LED lighting’ new ideas and innovations. Here are some special and innovated modern LED lighting from lighting designers all over the world:


cyro self-balancing bird lamp

Self-balancing bird lamp from CYRO is designed to get perfect self-balancing in an amazing way. All you want to do is just to tap this bird to turn on or turn off the bird lamp.

 Anti-mostiquo heating lamp

A functional heating lamp designed by Kimmy Yap from Singapore. He designs this special innovative lamp for combining lighting function and other functions such as heating food, anti-mosquito and keeping out the cold in the winter.

Sea anemone light

Looks like sea anemone, this lamp is designed by OLIVIA D’ABOVILLE from Paris. Hundreds of handmade polystyrene molds have been used to create this sea anemone lamp. Some Led lighting bulbs emit colorful lights to bring a splendid and gorgeous under sea world.

Cloud light

Made of nearly 6000 lighting bulbs, this big lamp cloud is fantastic and eco-friendly. Among these bulbs, 5000 second-hand bulbs were donated by common families. The big bulb is controlled by metal ropes dangled from cloud.

Robot light lamp

An adorable and functional table lamp light, the robot light lamp has been designed as a robot looking. Kids and teenagers will be fond of this kind of interesting robot lamp.

Soft lamp

Made from squishy polyurethane foam, the soft light allows you to cram and squeeze it into any spot.

Aladdin lamp

The last innovative lamp we will share with you is the Aladdin lamp. Yes, what you will see is a lamp in a famous name Aladdin. The lamp has a legendary Aladdin look with good LED lighting performance.