Understanding the beam angle of Led lighting products

To choose qualified and suitable LED LIGHTING PRODUCTS, you should have some understandings of the beam angle.

  1. What is the beam angle of light

The beam angle means the angle of lights and lets you know how much area it will illuminate at a given distance. According to the uniform formula developed by the lighting industry over decades, the beam angle is measured to where the light drops to the half of the maximum at the center. If you don’t really understand the meaning of the formula, the diagram below will explain clearer.

beam angle of led lighting products
  1. How to measure the beam angle

After understanding the meaning of beam angle, you’ll be interesting in measuring and determining it. Firstly, the beam angle is determined in degrees. So the Led lighting products manufacturer always provide a beam angle degrees for your information. As explained above, the beam angle lets you know how much area that the lighting fixtures illuminate or distribute. The wider beam angle means larger areas or surfaces that lights illuminate. Quark lighting offers a wide array of Led lighting products with various beam angle from 4 degrees to 360 degrees.

  1. How to choose suitable Led lighting with a right beam angle

Lighting environment is very important for domestic spaces or working areas. A good lighting distribution will create a suitable and cozy ambient. As the beam angle is expressed by degree, wider beam angle means better lighting? No, that’s not correct. Narrow beam angle shows just concentrated lights, and wide beam angle shows spread lights. Therefore, we recommend you to choose correct Led lighting with a suitable beam angle according to your applications. Here are some beam angles for your reference:

Designation Beam angle range  Note
Led Spot light 4-40 degrees or more Concentrated light
Led Flood light 20-120 degrees Concentrated light
Led bulb light 120-360 degrees Spread light
Led corn bulb 360 degrees Omni directional light
Led filament bulb 360 degrees Omni directional light