Understanding the lifespan of Led lighting

Led lighting is a good choice to different types of light sources, e.g. incandescent light, HID and CFLs. They present more lasting, energy-efficient, economic, eco-friendly comparing to others. Although Led lights are costly, their free-maintenance and long lifespan help you to save more money and energy. But do you have a clear idea about the real lifespan of Led lights you ordered? Let’s take a moment to read the following section for a brief understanding of the Led lights’ lifespan.

We all know the long lifespan of Led lighting comparing to traditional incandescent light, however, how long exactly the Led lighting works? Before answering this question, we need to introduce a conception – lumen depreciation (the reduction in lumen production). Unlike the incandescent lights, Led lights don’t burn-out immediately or never fail suddenly, as a matter of fact, that they do dimmer and dimmer as time goes on. The life of the Led lights is estimated by lumen depreciation. There are several lumen care valuations like L50, L70, L80, and L90. L70 is the newest and usually used maintenance ratings for overall light. L70 is the industry standard that tells the important experience of the Led before any noticeable changes in light production. It indicates lumens the Led light generate have been fallen to 70% of original lumen output. The most professional way to mark lifespan of Led lights should be in such format:50000 Hours, L70. However, the 70% Lumen care ratings selection is just suggestion from professional researchers in the Led lighting industry, the human eye will not observe the decline in light till it goes beyond 30%.

According to data in the lighting industry, LEDs have a general long lifespan up to 50000 hours for working continuously, that means working continuously 5.7 years. But we don’t usually use the light all day and night, the discontinuous usage of Led lighting makes it more durable.

the lifespan of Leds

Based on the experience in manufacturing the Led Lighting, Quark lighting summarize some important facts that affect the lifespan of Led lighting:

  1. LED chips

As the light source of Led lighting, LED chip is the most essential and primary element that affects the lifespan of Led lighting. The Led chips from top brands such as PHILIPS, OSRAM, CREE, EPISTAR, etc will have a longer lifespan with high colour rendering index and high lumens efficacy due to the high-quality raw materials and their better Led package technology. Quark lighting choose always qualified Led chips suppliers( San’an Osram etc ) to guarantee the quality of Led lighting.

  1. LED drivers

The led driver is the power supply of Led lighting. As an electrical appliance, Led lighting should start and function with a stable and appropriate power supply. The quality of the Led driver influences highly the lifespan of Led lighting. A high-quality Led driver works stably with a long life. Many kinds of indoor Led lighting have been equipped with internal Led driver. It’s impossible to change the failure Led driver for normal consumers. Therefore, sometimes the lifespan of the Led driver is also the lifespan of Led lighting.

  1. Design of Led lighting

Led lighting comes in different variety of application and design. The design of Led lighting is also an essential factor that affects the lifespan of Led lighting. Besides meeting the technical demand of Led lighting, the proper design will resolve a critical issue – heat sinking problem of Led lighting. The same Led chips from CREE will have a totally different lifespan from 2 years to 20 years because of different lighting design. Excellent lighting design offers a good solution in heat dissipation of LEDs. The high power Led lighting more than 30W needs more concerns in heat sinking. If the heat cannot be dissipated properly and quickly, the Led lighting will endure a serious light decay to shorten the lifespan.

  1. Temperature issue

Temperature is a critical issue in LED lighting. Ambient temperature and housing temperature of Led lighting are two crucial factors in determining its lifespan. The temperature of your LED light’s surroundings can be called also ambient temperature. If the lighting will be exposed to high temperature and humid conditions, this situation affects greatly the lifespan. The housing temperature means lighting’s inner temperature. Lighting designer pays attention to lighting’s inner temperature. If the LED lighting’s inner temperature reaches higher than 85 degrees, that will shorten the lifespan. Then the high temperature of 105 degrees will stop directly the function of Led lighting.