Are you planning to import Led bulbs or other Led lights from China? Sourcing from China brings a great fortune to so many merchants in the last two decades. In this huge market, you can always find suitable products with affordable price to gain margin in your own market. Led lights have been used for a long time, and they have become very popular among people. If you are dealing with Led lights, congratulations, you have been entered a hot market. That means you will be well-prepared for the dramatic competition. Sourcing Led lights from China maybe enhance your market competition, but you need to find a suitable Chinese supplier in Led lights. Before buying from China, we would like to share some useful guides to find a suitable Chinese Led supplier.

Where to buy

Just as China’s lighting industry has made significant strides in the last 20 years, China will have a larger consumer market and a larger manufacturing base. At present, the industry has formed a huge supply chain, with a few key sites accounting for more than 85% of Led companies. Let’s look at the main areas of the Led lights factory in China.

South China and East China are two highly developed economic zones not even in China but also in the world. You can find a wholesome supply chain in Led industries including the sources from sapphire- epitaxy- chips- LED package to final applications. When we talk about importing Led lights from China, we’re talking about the Led final applications. One of the most important applications is Led general lights. China has the most Led lighting factories in the world. The leading manufacturers of Led lights in China are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region and the Yangtze River Delta region. In addition, there are many other regions that have been successfully producing Led lights for years. For the exact market share, we have data to share below:

chinese led lights manufacturer market share

If you are searching for a suitable Chinese Led lighting manufacturer, we recommend you to choose carefully from these areas because of the huge market options and suitable price with quality as per your demand.

How to find the suppliers

After having an idea about the Chinese Led lights manufacturers market share, maybe you are eager for finding a qualified supplier. But how to find them?

The first simple way is to search them online by Google, Bing, Baidu or other search engines. Exactly keyword can help you get a trustworthy supplier. If you search Led bulbs, this keyword can take “ Led bulb manufacturer in China” or “Chinese Led bulbs supplier”  etc. Besides search engines, most of the importers search directly via B2B website ALIBABA, MADE-IN-CHINA or GLOBAL SOURCE. The internet searching with correct keywords is very helpful to find your suppliers. Here are some key points to check on the internet before buying:

  • Check the website of the supplier to know the featured products and services
  • Check supplier’s reputation
  • Check supplier’s primary market

The second way is to visit an exhibition or show in the Lighting industry. That’s direct and fruitful. You visit directly the manufacturers’ showroom and discuss face-to-face the products and prices with factory sales. Direct communication brings the best possible results.

The third way is to pay a visit to China, you fly to Chinese cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Ningbo Etc to find a supplier on the local market. This way enables you to know much better the Chinese local market and to find the quality products with the best price. However, it’s a hard way. You’ll meet many difficulties in the Chinese local market because of language and local tradition. Whereas, if you have a good Chinese friend as a guide, that will help a lot.

How to choose a qualified Led lighting supplier

After searching on the internet and paying the field visit to China, you have possessed already abundant suppliers for choosing. You need to have some points in your mind before making the decision.

  • Budget for purchasing
  • Led lighting quality
  • Supplier’s credibility
  • Good Communication with supplier

Somehow we can say budget determines everything. It’s so important to know your budget limit. The Led lights come in different quality and price range in the Chinese huge market. You should be aware of your products quality range which is determined by the budget. If you are looking for high-end Led lights with quality first, you should go for a leading and experience Led lighting manufacturer. But most of the importers have the budget limit, so, you should compare very carefully the difference between suppliers.

  1. Quality and Price

Check the Led light quality and price. It’s very important to have the price list with details. Every Led lights manufacturer will offer you a price list, but not every price list is filled with details. A detailed price list enables you to know exactly the true price and Led lights quality. Quality is determined always by the price. Some suppliers send you firstly a low price to attract your attention, however they cannot offer your desired quality with such low price. Therefore please be careful about the low price strategy in the Chinese market.

  1. Supplier’s credibility

There are so many Led lights manufacturers in various scale in China. If you are a small or medium Led lights distributor and importer, we suggest you don’t go for the leading Led lights manufacturers in China. Because they produce high-end Led lights at a high price. Meanwhile, they require big overseas distributors for the brand. You should find a suitable and reliable Led lights manufacturer in medium or small scale to meet your requirement. If you have worked with the supplier, you have the idea about their credibility. For a new supplier, the first step is to check suppliers’ credibility by internet or field visit: Check the reviews or testimonials presented on their website; check other useful information on social media. You should communicate more with suppliers by emails or phones to know if they are professional enough to your project.

  1. Communication with suppliers

The Chinese market is full of competition and challenge. If you want to import desired Led lights at a reasonable price, you need to communicate the requirement and technical parameters in detail with the supplier. Good communication makes this process smoothly and fruitful. If you want a special Led lighting bulb, all technical parameters such as Lumen flux, Power, Voltage, Dimmable or not, CCT, ETC should be sent to your supplier.  A reliable and qualified supplier is also a good communicator. They know your requirement, understand your concern, and find a unique and reasonable solution for your project to enhance your competitiveness in the local market. Therefore, you should choose someone who understands very well your demands.

We sincerely hope that you can find the desired Led lighting products with reasonable price to get strong competitiveness. As an experienced Led lighting manufacturer at Zhongshan city of China, Quark lighting is willing to help clients to win in the local market.